What We Are

Old Man Hustle is a lower east side way of life. It is also a bar and performance venue. We used to have a lot of beers and wines. We still do, but now we have a FULL BAR TOO!

Most nights at Old Man Hustle there is some form of live entertainment. We regularly host live comedians, musicians, storytellers and performance artists, just to name a few. We also feature events organized by local musicians, curators and are open to programming all types of art. Check out our updated events calendar to find out more.

How about you come see for yourself?

Rob Fischer of The New Yorker said we “celebrate raucous amateurism” and also noted the bar is a collection of the “most random group of people ever." We agree and we welcome new random people, new random ideas and new random collaborations. Come join us.

What We Do

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